A New Beginning
J. Alexandra James
The Front Porch

His grey felt hat was sitting on his head and his skin had been browned by years of exposure to the sun. Everything about him screamed "cowboy," and she felt her heart sink.

Suddenly, his head jerked up and he saw her looking at him with that awestruck look.  Meagan heard a voice and looked up. It was a clear audible voice; no one was there but the two of them, and she was sure this voice was not his.  He was just sitting there with that sweet smile on his face.

"My name is Meagan," she finally said.  His head drew up slowly and those blue-grey eyes shimmered in the morning light as he heard the crisp, clear tones of her voice dancing in his ears.  Her words caressed him as though they were a soft touch, and sent shivers down his spine. His back trembled and his shoulders shook slightly as though he were chilled to the bone.